Translational Genomics

Assay Development

At BioVantra, we are focused on biomarker assay development that meets the unaddressed health concerns in the areas of genitourinary, gynecologic and gastrointestinal oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Employing a rigorous review process, we identify relevant biomarkers from clinical research and the scientific literature. Once vetted, a wide array of laboratory resources is utilized to effectively develop and validate a diagnostic assay, which may be deployed in clinical practice. Our current BioStrat® assay portfolio includes both protein as well as nucleic acid biomarkers and utilizes advanced DNA, RNA and protein testing platforms to provide individualized molecular information about a patient's disease as an aid to the treating physician.

The BioStrat® assay development process is dynamic and constantly evolving by revising (adding and/or subtracting) biomarkers to reflect the latest clinically relevant research. This approach ensures that clinicians have the most up-to-date information to address each patient's specific needs and clinical situation.