Clinical Services


BioVantra offers an extensive array of anatomic pathology and molecular-based testing services specifically designed to provide urologists with information to better manage cancer and other chronic diseases. We understand the importance of accurate, timely diagnostic test results and actionable healthcare information. Our commitment to these values helps ensure superior patient care and increased client satisfaction.

The following highlights our uropathology test offerings:


  • Prostate, bladder, testicular, kidney and vas deferens biopsy
  • Microwave tissue processing to minimize disruption of cellular architecture
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    • Prostate: PIN-4 cocktail (P504S + HMW CK + p63)
    • Bladder: URO cocktail (CD44 + p53 + CK20)
  • Prostate cancer quantitated by % of specimen involved and by number of positive cores
  • Bladder cancer grading (WHO Classification)
  • Consultation and 2nd opinion


  • ThinPrep® UroCyte
    • Urine cytology processing and slide-based molecular testing
  • Pap and Feulgen stains
  • Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
    • Urine: URO cocktail (CD44 + p53 + CK20)
  • Prostate Fine Needle Aspiration

Specialized Testing

Biomarker Analysis

  • Prostate BioStrat® Assay
    • A molecular-based assay designed to help assess the severity of prostate cancer at the time of diagnosis.
    • Results from the assay help to stratify patients into favorable and unfavorable-risk groups for the likelihood of prostate cancer recurrence.


Please contact BioVantra Client Support Center at (866) 301-0960 to arrange for urology testing. Our experienced Client Support Team can assist with:

  • Urology Requisition
  • Sample requirements
  • Logistics and specimen transportation
  • Testing methodology
  • Report delivery, status or interpretation
  • Expert oncology and pathology consultations
  • Requests for BioVantra literature and scientific references